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We want to empower communities to maximize the re-use of nutrients and preserve finite natural resources. We use advanced technology and engineering to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and convert organic waste into new resources, so we can utilize their renewable energy potential.

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Successful Commissioning of Jieyang Green Fuel Plant

October 17th, 2022|

Recently, the performance testing of the Jieyang Green Fuel China plant has been completed successfully. During the 21-day performance testing period, plant availability, throughput, input and output moisture, heating value, machinery sorting efficiency and odor [...]

Meet the team

October 4th, 2022|

Get to know Jeroen What I do I am responsible for the electro engineering part of an organic waste treatment facility. My work is during the sales phase, the project phase and I am part [...]

Meet the team

September 22nd, 2022|

Get to know Elian What do you do? I am a process engineer. I describe it as executing the design on the main lines for an installation and making sure that it ultimately works. I [...]

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We are front-runner in innovation for organic waste treatment. Our technology is state-of-the-art and focused on sustainability. We have designed and build over 120 waste treatment facilities all over the world. We have the expertise to provide our customers with an array of waste treatment technology solutions to deliver the most optimal results. Our turn-key designs are efficient, with standardized concepts, but also customizable and incorporate the newest technology.

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Inefficiency, unnecessary energy use, odor complaints and substandard compost quality are all examples of underperforming facilities.

We have your back! Through training, innovation and customized solutions our engineers support you to reduce your downtime, improve your output quality and minimize your costs per ton of waste.

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Lower your energy consumption up to 70%

Work with WTT to:

  • Maximize re-use of your nutrients
  • Increase your throughput
  • Limit odor emissions
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase the availability of your plant
  • Lower your energy consumption
  • Increase your renewable energy
  • Get your staff trained with latest know-how, to operate your installation optimally.

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Justin AsmaProject Director
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Alexander HorvathManaging Director
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Tjeerd van den BergOperations Director
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