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Recently, WTT acquired three new projects. Two projects are located in the Netherlands and one in Portugal.

Attero Wilp, Netherlands

All our colleagues from WTT Netherlands for sure know this location: Attero Wilp, situated along the A1 motorway. Having composted a long time outdoors they decided to invest and upgrade to an in-vessel system. WTT competed successfully and is now selected to build a new installation which can process up to 325.000 ton of bio-waste per year. This is partially digested (some will be bypassed) and then composted in one of the 16 new tunnels WTT will build (50x8mtr). Because of the motorway, the proximity of the town of Wilp, and a nearby recreational area, odour nuisance is an important topic and therefore the installation is foreseen with 4 scrubbers and a large biofilter to reduce odours emitted to the environment. Attero is also a very innovative client so we are now in the process to find out if they can optimize their business case with heat harvesting equipment which can hopefully make it a signature reference facility for our customers to visit. If you are interested to know more about this project, please contact Alain.

Meerlanden, Netherlands

Meerlanden is a facility with 7 tunnels, WTT built the last two of these tunnels. Currently, the air treatment of the process- and hall-air, is done with a small cooling unit and a biofilter. This not sufficient and also not according to regulations. Because Meerlanden treats digestate from plug-flow digesters, the ammonia levels are very high, which is not favorable to the biofilter. WTT plans to sent the process air to a 2.5 stage scrubber. The focus of the treatment is not only to remove ammonia, but also to produce high quality ammonia sulphate, which can be sold. In addition, a large cooling unit will be installed that allows them to extract a lot of heat from the air. In winter, Meerlanden can sell this to neighboring greenhouse operations. In summer, when the greenhouses do not need any heat, Meerlanden currently does not have the possibility to cool the air. Therefore, we will also install an external cooling circuit. The biofilter of the facility also needs upgrading. We will replace the old wooden floor and install a 812 m2 Cabka floor. Irrigation will be added, to prevent drying out of the biofilter material. And everything will be integrated in the existing software. If you want to learn more about this project, please contact Casper.

Ambisousa, Portugal

Ambisousa is a governmental company that treats municipal solid waste for the region of Vale de Sousa in Portugal. Ambisousa tendered a project for the design and construction of a waste facility for the treatment of 25,000 t/y food- and green waste. The joint venture Bianna-ABB offered the entire scope of works for the project. WTT, as a sub-contractor of ABB, offered the design and supply of key equipment for the biological treatment (dry Anaerobic digestion and composting) of the waste, excluding installation. Bianna is a new license partner of WTT, we have signed a cooperation agreement in August 2022. They will exclusively integrate WTT’s technology in new projects in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.

The WTT scope for Ambisousa consists of:

  • Design of the biological scope of the works
  • Supply of key equipment for the biological scope
    • 5 Dry anaerobic tunnels
    • 5 Composting tunnels
    • Suction and odor treatment system
    • Control system
  • Commissioning of the biological scope
  • Training of operator’s staff

For more information on this project, or the cooperation agreement with Bianna, please contact Alexander.