Smart waste treatment technology

We aim to deliver the smartest technology for waste treatment in order to make our customers successful in transforming waste into recyclables and high-quality raw materials or energy.

We believe that our waste treatment solutions can make a substantial contribution to the conservation of our worldwide environment.

Within WTT the following values are very important in the cooperation with our clients.


We never compromise on quality; a facility should always perform as expected or even exceed expectations. Reliability and stability on output is key. With our turnkey approach we ensure, as owner of the complete process technology, to avoid duplicating expensive processes and suboptimal interfaces between different suppliers of technology.


As starting point, we always believe there is a more optimal way to treat a specific waste. Our team always pushes their limits on creativity in waste treatment technologies. Best practices are immediately used for our clients. This technological power makes us the perfect partner to push boundaries in the dynamic market of waste treatment.


We aim to work with our clients in a constructive and collaborative way. During the project we are always open for new insights. This flexibility really enables us to be a true partner for our clients instead of rigid supplier of technology.


We provide our clients with independent advice because we are not active in the role of a manufacturer. That makes us the ideal partner for engineering, procuring, constructing and maintaining turnkey solutions in both mechanical and biological treatment.

‘Strong and independent with a worldwide network of dedicated suppliers and independent contractors’