Pushing boundaries in a dynamic market

The world population is expected to grow to 9.6 billion by 2050. Major economic development in emerging markets will result in increasing pressure on raw materials, food, energy and water. Subsequently, commodity prices and waste streams will rise significantly. Furthermore, there will be intensified governmental attention on the negative impact that the growing waste stream will have on our ecosystem. It’s clear that the waste treatment industry is going through a big transition. Recycling, reusing and prevention become more and more important.

Guarantee future success

For waste management companies it’s vital to keep pace with this rapidly changing situation concerning technological innovations and governmental regulations. In order to guarantee future success you need to know the answers to crucial questions. How fast will technical and biological innovations transform the market? What are the predictions for the development of commodity prices? And how does international legislation change the way we have to operate? We understand that for individual operators, it’s impossible to keep up with all these international developments. That’s why we constantly help our clients to stay on top of their game.

Crucial information and advice

To be successful in the waste treatment business means having access to the best information and advice. That’s why our team of highly educated and experienced personnel constantly provides our clients with crucial information and advice. Our research & development team actively scans all major developments in commodity prices, technology and international legislation.

This approach gives us a leading role in the innovation process and allows our clients to be successful in waste treatment. Meanwhile, we have gathered an enormous amount of knowledge on biological treatment. With more than 900 tunnels active worldwide, WTT is a very experienced partner indeed. The combination of tailor-made advice and technological power makes us the perfect partner to push boundaries in the dynamic market of waste treatment.

Scope WTT

WTT specialises with her technology solutions on energy, recycling and re-using.