Backoffice Personnel Training | Giugliano, Italy

By January 22, 2019 WTT News
Backoffice personnel site training

WTT believes it is important that all personnel are informed and educated about our latest technologies. It is our core belief that through experience and onsite training our staff can accurately respond to issues that arise within complex waste processing systems as well as part of our day-to-day business.

WTT strives for the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Three employees from our Purchasing and Service department attended a workshop at Costaldo High Tech, Giugliano (Italy) facility to gather in-depth knowledge and practical experience by immersing into the working of the organic biogas facility. The plant uses WTT’s dryAD to generate renewable biogas which is converted to electricity using CHP’s.

During the training, one of our own senior Commissioning Engineers Monica Mora Antunez led the group through an intensive week long session.

Workshop Giugliano Monica Mora Antunez

Together they went through the complete process, working together with the operators to fully understand how important communication can be and the subtle differences that make a well-running facility.

Scenario’s that deal with our Purchasing & Service departments were discussed, solutions were found and ideas were taken back to our offices to develop better solutions. This will drive further innovation and continue the circular development of our business.

Purchasing department gather in-depth knowledge and practical experience

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