Closing the loop is about building a sustainable future for all our children through innovative waste management and treatment facilities.

At Waste Treatment Technologies, part of the Convertus Group,  we aim to design and build facilities that have a minimal impact on the environment. Facilities that efficiently conserve and recycle resources and produce new resources such as energy, heat or products like quality compost. Energy, for example, can be produced in the form of biogas when we build anaerobic digestion tunnels. These tunnels convert organic waste from e.g., food and gardens into natural gas. This local gas can be sold or injected into the grid.

Conservation of energy

Where possible we use technologies that conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For existing facilities, we have innovative updates like the re-use of thermal energy, where we catch heat from the composting process and use it somewhere else as an alternative energy source. This heat can be used for operations with a high energy demand like greenhouses, but also to dry products like RDF, biomass or peat. It can also be used in city heat networks. Another example of updating a facility is using our technology to improve the air flow. A lot of facilities run with sub-optimized air flows. Our process engineers can redesign and replace suboptimal parts and thereby lowering the energy consumption. Sometimes these type of small improvements can have large effects. In addition, our innovation department is always researching new ways for recycling or extracting products like e.g., fatty acids that can be turned into bio-based materials.

Going the extra mile

Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the core of our business and go beyond the day-to-day activities. Throughout our company we work on reducing our footprint and looking for ways to contribute to a better world.