Be Part of Building a Better Future

Career opportunities at WTT

Being part of the WTT team, means being part of our mission to close the loop for a better future. For us this is an incredibly rewarding mission that our team is dedicated to achieve. We are based in the Netherlands, but work all over the world, which gives us access to amazing opportunities to improve waste treatment step by step. New challenges, new technologies and new business models lie ahead,  we meet these challenges with enthusiasm, and we love doing it together. Join us!

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What We Do

We design state-of-the-art and sustainable facilities, we deliver advanced technology to build facilities, and we provide customer support, so waste treatment facilities are running in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Why We Do It

Because we care. Because we can.

We inspire and empower communities to close the loop for a sustainable future for our children. Why not join us?


Why work at WTT?

At WTT, we offer rewarding and challenging jobs that are also enjoyable and engaging. You’ll start making a genuine difference from the day you join us.

Help the Environment

We are driven to design, build and support organic waste facilities that have minimal environmental impact, or even contribute positively by producing biogas, heat or quality compost.

Team Diversity

Our team all share one purpose: to help close the-loop and make a positive impact. This purpose brings together talented people with different backgrounds that enjoy working together in an informal and collegial work environment.

Learn & Grow

Grow and develop your knowledge and skills, be creative and stay relevant while working. We offer a mentoring program and personalized training and courses.


Working at WTT includes the following:

  • Profit sharing program
  • Flexible work location
  • Healthy snacks at the office

Current vacancies with WTT

Full Time

Vacancy Electrical Engineer

In the role of electrical engineer, you will be responsible for the electrical engineering of challenging, international projects. For you it is no problem to read and draw single line and electrical structure diagrams.

Full Time

Vacancy Process Engineer

As Process Engineer you have a key role in the process design of our international projects as well as being the specialist troubleshooter for our clients

Full Time

Vacancy Field Service Engineer

As field service engineer you are responsible for the safe, successful startup and commissioning of large and complex mechanical and/or organic waste treatment facilities. You are driven to successfully handover the project to the client.


Vacancy Internship

Are you looking for a diverse, challenging and interesting internship? Check out our vacancies or sent an open application! In your application, please tell us how you would like to contribute and why. Based on your interests and goals we can formulate an assignment together.


Internship Design a biofilter unit

Are you looking for a diverse, challenging and interesting internship? Check out this assignment: ” Design a biofilter monitoring unit, which can make a prediction of the life expectancy of a biofilter.”


Internship Design an AD skid

Are you looking for a diverse, challenging and interesting internship? Check out this assignment: “Design an Anaerobic digestion skid, which is modularized in such a way that it can be used for every AD installation.”

Don’t see the job you’d like?

We are constantly looking for Software Engineers, Process Engineers or Electrical Engineers, if you don’t see the vacancy that fits you, but you are interested in WTT, don’t hesitate to contact us! Or if you have another background and think you have something to offer WTT? Send an open application to: