First Biogas at Giugliano!

By May 23, 2017WTT News


The commissioning of the Anaerobic Digestion part at Giugliano has commenced this month. After the first loads of inoculation material, the AD plant is running according to the contractual waste specifications: Food waste mixed with a bit of green structure material. Within a few weeks, the plant will run at full capacity, treating 700 T per week. Every AD batch will last four weeks from where the digestate (treated waste) is transported to drying boxes. After this drying process, followed by  maturation, the compost is ready to be sold as soil improver or quality compost.





Every day the biogas production and its quality improve, since the anaerobic biology becomes more active. All the biogas is stored in our gas storage. From next week on the generator converts the biogas in both electricity and heat. The produced heat is used to keep the AD process at the right temperature. The ‘green’ electricity will be sold to the grid.


From the middle of June, the trained operators will take over the operational duties from the WTT commissioning engineer. Since WTT is still on site till the end of July we foresee a smooth takeover to assure the client is fully prepared to run the plant according expectations and with satisfaction.