Lubartow construction progressing rapidly

By August 3, 2016 WTT News


The construction of the dry anaerobic digestion facility in Lubartow, Poland, has arrived at a key-point, the mounting of the skids. Skids are pre-fabricated frames on which piping, instrumentation, valves, etc. are constructed.


Skids enable WTT to coordinate different technique processes, so these processes can be optimized (high quality control). Also the mounting time on site is seriously reduced, approximately 95% of all components are mounted in only one week.


Beforehand, the skids are tested in the factory with a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to demonstrate that the skids are working accoridng to the contractual values. The facility, which can treat up to 18.000 t/a, is expected to be operational at the end of this year. WTT delivers 6 dry anaerobic digestion tunnels and 1 hybrid tunnel. To maximize performances, Instal Warszawa can operate the facility with a comprehensive SCADA and control system.