LUBARTOW project hand-over

By February 2, 2017 February 4th, 2017 WTT News

After a cohesive, co-management relationship with Instal Warsaw, the Lubartow project has been successfully handed to the investor.


In this project WTT was responsible for the engineering, realization and commissioning of a Dry Anaerobic Digestion installation treating the fine, organic rich fraction of mixed MSW.

The installation is located in the east of Poland near the Ukraine border and able to treat 18.000 Ton/Year of waste in its 7 tunnels.

Biogas is generated inside the tunnels during the anaerobic digestion process and then converted into renewable electricity and useful heat by means of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit.


The WTT project team’s careful planning, attention to detail and intensive communication ensured a smooth completion of the project.

We managed to anticipate and head off problems that could jeopardize the deadline and made the client feel comfortable with the project’s progression.

The project was completed ahead of schedule mainly due to the pre-assembly and testing of skids in the factory.


A project that not only met but even exceeded the stakeholders expectations.


Please refer to following project video: