Get to know Jeroen

What I do

I am responsible for the electro engineering part of an organic waste treatment facility. My work is during the sales phase, the project phase and I am part of the after care.  It is my role to think of a smart solution for the problems our customers have. When a project starts, we think about purchasing the right equipment. What do we need and how does it fit the demand of the customers. Communication with the customer is important in this phase. And, when a project is finished, I am part of the aftercare. If there is a problem, I am consulted to find a solution.

Some of the work involves standard components, but we also need to fit our drawings and equipment to local regulations. In Canada they have not the same voltage and certification, in Australia the coloring of the wiring is different etc. Together with the customer we figure out how it works for each site. Also, we work closely together with the parties that install our equipment.

This is also what I really like about my job, I work with technology, but also with customers and suppliers. Together we create great things.

What I like about working for WTT

I have an education in electrical engineering. My first job was at a technical company specialized in process automation solutions. After working there for 5 years I found a new challenge at WTT. Especially working and communicating with customers and seeing how the electrical cabinets are being installed, build and monitored on site is very interesting to me. Also, I like the flexibility and the possibilities to travel international. I really enjoy the combination of working from home, working at the office in Oldenzaal and occasionally working abroad. I have been working at WTT for 5 years and especially the atmosphere and colleagues are really appealing to me. There is no real hierarchy in the organization and it is easy to talk to anyone, it doesn’t matter if it is a director or a process engineer.

Sustainability is also an important subject for me and I really like that this is a part of WTT. I would not be able to work at a company that does not value this. For example, at the Monday lunch, at least half of the lunch is vegetarian and a lot of colleagues don’t eat meat every day. For most people at the office it is normal to think about sustainability and to integrate this where possible. In my daily job I also aim to make sustainable choices. For example, when something needs to be replaced, I see if parts can be reused. Also, I consider energy consumption when we build new facilities. From WTT I get the freedom to do this.

Life outside work

I live in the country side with my wife and two children. I like walking our two dogs. We always have dogs from an animal shelter or that are unwanted, I retrain them and they are great members of our family. We have a large garden, which I like to work in and that provides a home to our little Ouessant sheep. I like the challenge to let the garden and grass grow as best as possible without any artificial fertilizer. And I enjoy to go out on my racing bike. Life is good here in the east.