Get to know Monica

What I do

I am mainly a site manager. In addition, I provide support to project managers for sites in Italy and Spain. Sometimes I am also involved in site commissioning.

Most of my days I am on site. I go to the construction site or plant, and I walk around to see all the activities. I discuss with my colleagues and with people on site about the work progress, potential problems, basically everything that is going on and together we figure out how to best continue. When I am at home I read and write e-mails and I am responsible for keeping good relationships with our clients.  For me this is really important, so I always find time during the day to focus on this. When needed, I am also involved in finding subcontractors, asking for quotes or organizing different activities on site.

Why I chose to work for WTT

Since the time I studied at the University to become a Civil Engineer, I liked everything related to the environment. And I was fascinated by waste treatment. WTT has given me the opportunity to work not only in the field of construction, which is in principle the most directly related to civil engineering, but also in the field of environmental sciences. In addition to that, working in different countries has brought me something very important and very valuable for life in general: the capacity to adapt.

More than 10 years ago, WTT needed someone local from Spain. A friend of mine put me in contact with WTT and we have been in a very good working relationship ever since. Some of my work is in Spain, but I also love the fact that I can travel to Italy for WTT. Italy is really similar to Spain and I feel at home when I am there. The food, the climate and the way people behave feels familiar. And I speak Italian, so this makes life easy when I am there!

My life outside work

I really like sporting. But you can also find me walking my dog (I love my dog). And I enjoy going camping with my caravan.