Get to know Sander

What I do

I am responsible for creating and implementing the innovation strategy within the Convertus Group, of which WTT is part. In my job I try to create an innovative environment, stimulating everybody to think outside the box. In this environment  I create, collect and guide all innovation ideas and projects, from the initial stage of ideation to successful implementation. In addition, I scout the market for new potential technologies which can be implemented into the organization.

Why I chose to work for WTT

I chose to work for WTT because of its young and dynamic team. The projects at WTT have a broad scope, hence there is a high variety in type of work that you can do, both between jobs but also within one job. In addition, there is not only a lot of variety of technical challenges, but also the challenges in the various jobs around the projects are great. This translates in a lot of opportunities within the company to grow and create your own career. Since WTT operates within the international market it creates the opportunity to travel, see and explore other parts of the world.

Why is your work meaningful?

One of the most important goals of Convertus/WTT is to close the loop. Our aim is to solve one of the greatest problems in the world: waste. We’re aiming to process waste into new resources. We strive to make as much use of waste as possible, creating more valuable end-products. Every day at work you are reminded that you are part of solving this problem, which generates, for me, the job satisfaction I need.