New project announcement Göttingen (Germany)

By June 27, 2019 WTT News
new project announcement Göttingen, Germany

We are very proud to announce our new project in Göttingen, Germany. The original composting plant in Göttingen was destroyed by a fire in August 2016. Therefore, the owner Göttingen Entsorgungsbetriebe (GEB) decided to reconstruct the facility. The revitalized facility will include 4 dry anaerobic digestion tunnels and 5 composting tunnels for the post-treatment of the digestate.

The plant is designed for a total flow of up to 22,500 tonnes per annum of biowaste, and shredded green waste. The existing buildings and aggregates are to be integrated into the new plant (e.g. CHP, percolate storage tank).

WTT will be responsible for the complete engineering, equipment and civil supply, transport, installation and commissioning of the works.

Please take a moment to read the complete article in German on the website of GEB at the following link:

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