New project announcement – Jieyang (China)

By August 29, 2017 August 3rd, 2018 China, WTT News

We are proud to announce that WTT received the order from ALBA Rising Green Fuel Jie Yang Ltd (ALBA) for the project Jieyang Green Fuel Comprehensive Waste Treatment and Resources Utilization Plant to the location of the Sino-German Metal ECO City.


For this Green Fuel Project, ALBA prepared a concept that combines the three best known technologies in the waste treatment and utilization field:

Biological Drying in combination with Mechanical Treatment of incoming waste streams allows creating an optimized combustible fraction to be utilized in an adapted incineration and power generation plant.


In order to have high flexibility, the Jie Yang’s concept for the treatment of municipal solid waste envisages in treatment order:

  • A first mechanical size reduction;
  • A biological-based drying process in relevant concrete boxes with controlled ventilation;
  • A mechanical treatment to extract a recyclable fraction and inerts, leading to an optimized combustible Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF-fraction);
  • In order to provide power to the location of the Sino-German Metal ECO City, ALBA will use the RDF-fraction for fuel in the on-site incineration and power plant.


In the project WTT is required to do the complete design and build of the first mechanical size reduction, and biological drying together with the mechanical treatment of 380.000 t/a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).


For the design WTT will work in close collaboration with a Local Design Institute, as indicated by ALBA.


The process of the plant starts with the first mechanical size reduction of the MSW, for this part WTT will deliver 2 double shaft shredders. After the size reduction, the MSW is stored in an intermediate bunker. From the bunker, the MSW is transported by a crane device into one of the 20 bio-drying boxes. After a retention time of approximately 1.5 weeks in the boxes, the treated MSW is transported by the same crane device to the mechanical treatment line. In the mechanical treatment line the recyclable and inert fractions are removed from the material and an optimized RDF fraction is brought by conveyors to the storage bunker of the incinerator.

In the scope of delivery of WTT are also the odour abatement and SCADA systems, including remote access for offsite monitoring and maintenance, of the complete biological drying and mechanical treatment line are included.


The Jie Yang project is the first project for WTT in China and the first step in a fruitful collaboration between ALBA and WTT on the Chinese Waste Market.


We will keep you posted about the project progress via our website.