New Project | Kumasi Ghana

By November 20, 2019 WTT News
New Project | Kumasi Ghana

WTT is honoured to announce a new project in Kumasi, Ghana.

For our respected partner Komptech GMBH, WTT is building a composting plant in Kumasi in Ghana with the capacity of 73.000 tonnes per year.

The project consists of 15 composting tunnels, all equipped with the WTT-specific tunnel skids.

These pre-fabricated skids are built and tested in the Netherlands and provide a quick and easy installation on site.


With installation started in October, we are making great progress to start up the process in December.


The partnership with Komptech is a proven one; WTT has done a lot of successful projects with Komptech in the past.

Thank you Komptech for the cooperation and trust in WTT!