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How We Close The Loop

We are a full-service provider for the treatment and recycling of organic waste. Our mechanical and biological processes build on extensive know-how and years of experience. We have the ability to control the entire project and operation cycles to help our customers avoid costly duplications, suboptimal technological solutions and maintain consistent uptime. Our solutions combine quality, creativity and technological expertise to craft a plan that is tailor-made to your specific needs. A one stop solution.


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Why We Offer Solutions

Because we care. Because we can. Our business model is one-of-a-kind and here to inspire and empower communities to give resources new life. At the end of the day, it’s about building a sustainable future for our children.

Closing the Loop for a Better Future™

Our History

Convertus was created in 2019 by the merger of Renewi Canada and Waste Treatment Technologies (“WTT”) North America as a business ideally positioned to be a part of the emergency circular economy – an economy that keeps resources in use for as long as possible through recycling and recovery. Together, we provide our customers with a complete solution for all of their organic waste sector needs.


  • 2019


    A New Name: Convertus

    Soon after being acquired by Convent Capital, Renewi Canada (formerly Orgaworld Canada) and WTT merge to form Convertus. Together our history has been a story of opportunity and resiliency – one where we’ve adapted time-and-time-again through technological change and customer demand. Convertus will continue to strengthen our business to help our customers meet their sustainability goals and protect the environment.

  • 2018


    Expanding Operations

    Building on our global presence, our group opened offices in China, Australia and Canada, completing their first projects in these regions.


    Driven by the needs of the market and our expertise, this was also the year our group acquired their first composting facility in Canada in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


    During this time, WTT and Renewi (formerly Orgaworld Canada) continued to build their relationship through the retrofitting of the Ottawa facility and upgrading the facility’s odour abatement and capacity.

  • 2017


    A Year of Change

    Shanks Group, Orgaworld’s parent Company merged with Van Gansewinkel Group to become Renewi plc. Shortly thereafter, Orgaworld Canada re-branded as Renewi Canada.

    Later that year, WTT and Renewi Canada (previously Orgaworld Canada) worked together to finalize construction North America’s First closed-loop organic waste facility in Surrey, British Columbia. A milestone for the waste industry and working towards a sustainable future for all.

  • 2014


    Building for the Future

    Here is where our stories collide — Orgaworld and WTT worked together for the first time on a Canadian Public Private Partnership (P3) project for the City of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada to Design, Build and Operate (DBO) an organic waste facility. After months of collaboration and hard work, the teams were awarded the contract in 2015.

  • 2013


    Old Traditions, New Opportunities

    Convent Capital, a long-term Dutch investor that focuses on buying and improving sustainable businesses, acquired WTT strengthening their position in the industry. Over the next few years, they worked together to refocus their strategy on services, operational excellence and project sales.

  • 2011


    New Technologies

    WTT secured a major contract for a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility in downtown London, England.

  • 2010


    Canada’s Capital

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada became the second Canadian composting facility for Orgaworld designed for Canada’s Capital.

  • 2008



    Orgaworld’s first Canadian facility became operational in London, Ontario.

  • 2007


    New Ideas and Directions

    The development of anaerobic digestion opened a realm of possibilities for WTT. During this time, WTT closed various large contracts as a turnkey supplier of aerobic and anaerobic technologies.

    This was also the year that Orgaworld was acquired by Shanks Group. With over 100 locations worldwide and 75 years’ experience, they were amongst the top-level players worldwide in organic waste recycling.

  • 2005


    Crossing the Pond

    As a market leader in waste technology, Orgaworld was established in Canada to execute a 10-year contract for a source-separated organics composting facility located in London, Ontario. The facility took two years to complete construction and become fully operational.

  • 2004


    Growing and Facing Challenges

    Shortly after Horstmann GmbH filed for bankruptcy, WTT became independent through a management buyout. The years that followed gave WTT exciting opportunities to demonstrate the quality of its services in the field of waste management.


    A little ways down the road, Orgaworld began construction on a bio-stabilization plant in Nijmegen, Netherlands and an anaerobic digestion plant in Groningen, Netherlands a year later.

  • 2001


    Expansion and Innovation

    The turn of the millennium signaled a period of rapid expansion for Orgaworld, as they acquired three plants in Europe, including two tunnel composting facilities and one wet anaerobic digestion facility.

  • 1999


    A Strategic Partnership

    Reflecting on the strength and future of their business WTT operated as a subcontractor in the area of process engineering for Horstmann GmbH projects in the waste industry, eventually taking over as the contractor of choice for Horstmann GmbH projects.

  • 1996



    Our history begins in 1996 where our founders, together with Horstmann GmbH and NON B.V. shared one simple goal: to design, construct, build and maintain waste recovery and recycling projects around the world. Right from the start Waste Treatment Technologies (WTT) was characterized by innovative designs and functionality.


    Meanwhile, Orgaworld (a Dutch waste processing company) was born with the construction of an anaerobic digestion plant BIOCEL in Lelystad.

Meet Our Team

Justin Asma
Justin AsmaProject Director
Alexander Horvath
Alexander HorvathService Director
Marieke Kromkamp
Marieke KromkampBusiness Development Manager
Ralph Markerink
Ralph MarkerinkFinancial Controller

Our World, Our Responsibility

We understand that our activities can have an impact on the communities we operate in. Our goal is to always act in partnership with the local communities around our sites. We aim to be a responsible partner by minimizing the impact of our sites on the environment that we share with nearby residents, community organizations and businesses. We have been delighted to work with a growing number of community groups who share our commitment.

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