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Dedicated & Experienced

WTT’s team includes more than 50 people. Our experienced team is continuously looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your facility, prevent any issues and to maximize the re-use of nutrients and reduce emissions. So that you can operate your facility with confidence and achieve the goals that you have set.

Alain Voortman

Email: avoortman@wtt.nl

Sales Engineer

Alexander Horvath

Email: a.horvath@wtt.nl

Managing Director

Annet ter Maat

Email: atermaat@wtt.nl


Elian Baan

Email: ebaan@wtt.nl

Process Engineer

Gido Grootenhuis

Email: ggrootenhuis@wtt.nl

Process Engineer

Gijs Eggink

Email: geggink@wtt.nl

Field Service Engineer

Henk Bos

Email: hbos@wtt.nl

Field Service Engineer

Imko Vroom

Email: ivroom@wtt.nl

Technical Director

Jan Coopmans

Email: jcoopmans@wtt.nl

Field Service Engineer

Jasper Körmeling

Email: jkormeling@wtt.nl

Business Development Account Manager

Jeroen Sanderman

Email: jsanderman@wtt.nl

Electrical Engineer

Jill Luschen

Email: jluschen@wtt.nl

HR Coordinator

Justin Asma

Email: jasma@wtt.nl

Project Director

Service Sales Assistant

Kirsten Wallmeyer

Email: kwiemann@wttgermany.de

Project Engineer

Mario Eckhoff

Email: meckhoff@wttgermany.de

Project Manager

Matthijs van Huizen

Email: mvanhuizen@wtt.nl

Manager Engineering

Merijn Westhoff

Email: mwesthoff@wtt.nl

Business Office Coordinator

Monica Mora

Email: mmora@wtt.nl

Field Service Engineer

Nils Jansohn

Email: nlaunert@wttgermany.de

Project Coordinator

Ramon Reimer

Email: rreimer@wtt.nl

Project Engineer

Ramon Wolters

Email: rwolters@wtt.nl

Project Manager

Robert van Bemmel

Email: rvanbemmel@wtt.nl

Field Service Engineer

Robert Kuipers

Email: rkuipers@wtt.nl

Project Manager

Roelof Steringa

Email: rsteringa@wtt.nl

Project Manager

Ruben van Tebberen

Email: rvantebberen@wtt.nl

Field Service Engineer

Rutger Vuurboom

Email: rvuurboom@wtt.nl

Project Engineer

Sander ten Hove

Email: stenhove@wtt.nl

Innovations Manager

Sandra Krüger

Email: skrueger@wttgermany.de

Sales Engineer

Sharon Sopacua

Email: ssopacua@wtt.nl

Office Support Coordinator

Thijs Zanderink

Email: tzanderink@wtt.nl

Customer Support Engineer

Tjeerd van den Berg

Email: tvandenberg@wtt.nl

WTT Operations Director

Tom Nitert

Email: tnitert@wtt.nl

Project Coordinator

Vytenis Venckauskas

Email: vvenckauskas@wtt.nl

Field Service Engineer

Rick Nijmeijer

Email: rnijmeijer@wtt.nl

Financial Specialist

Casper van Boggelen

Email: cvanboggelen@wtt.nl

Sales Engineer

Jelle Küttschreutter

Email: jkuttscheutter@wtt.nl

Project Engineer

Sander Jansen

Email: sjansen@wtt.nl


Arjen Keidel

Email: akeidel@wtt.nl

Customer Support

Jimmy Liang 梁韵嘉

Email: jimmy.liang@wtt.nl

Managing Director of China 中国区总经理

Charlie Lin 林剑峰

Email: jianfeng.lin@wtt.nl

Deputy Project Manager 项目副经理

Xuan Chen 陈旋

Email: xuan.chen@wtt.nl

Sales/Process Engineer 销售/工艺工程师

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