Project announcement – Kompostwerk Olpe

By June 8, 2017WTT News

We are proud to announce that WTT received the order for the upgrade and extension of the mechanical line at Kompostwerk Olpe.


This Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) is in operation from the beginning of 2015 and thanks to our good relationship and our Maintenance / Support contract with Kompostwerk Olpe, WTT will design, deliver, install and start-up this upgrade / extension at the end of june.


The reason for installing this new innovation together with our partner Steinert is to detect and reduce the black and dark colored plastic components in the structure materials.


This Upgrade/ Extension consists of the following  equipment: NIR seperator, Conveyor belts, Steel construction and control cabinet including SCADA and will lead to a much better quality compost product for Olpe Kompostwerke.