Project update Erembodegem (Belgium)

By August 15, 2017 August 21st, 2017 WTT News


Our project in Erembodegem (Belgium) is running according to plan. The composting project also includes WTT’s mechanical separation equipment, ensuring the value of the end product. The mechanical line consists of two parts. First a low speed shredder, which processes about 22t/h of fresh bio-waste. The second part of the installation consists of a small feeding hopper with an average throughput of 14t/h. The waste stream then travels to a magnetic belt and further to a drum screen.  This ensures that the final product is free of metals/ferrous material and the compost and residual fraction are fit for purpose.


The biological process consist of 6 composting tunnels and 6 maturations bays supported by process related subsystems. This includes WTT’s new standard skid unit integrating the air system and water system into a prefabricated system.

The project is running on schedule and mechanical completion is expected to be achieved within a couple of weeks. After which, the cold and hot commissioning can commence.