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Project update – Surrey

By April 11, 2018 August 22nd, 2018 Canada, WTT News

The Surrey Biofuel Facility commenced receiving organic waste in December of 2017.  The City of Surrey dry AD/Composting facility is located in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The plant represents WTT’s first facility in North America.  Our commissioning team is currently fine tuning the compost process and hot commissioning the AD system. Starting up the AD process is a complex and carefully monitored process. Pre-processed digestate from an external facility was used to introduce the microbiology.  Once the systems have finished preliminary observation waste is slowly added to increase the growth of the microbiology.


After only 3 days the flare was testing with biogas.  The flare reduces harmful gases prior to atmospheric release. The flare will be used to burn the biogas until the process has completely stabilized and the gas upgrading system is ready to convert the biogas into bio-methane. The bio-methane will be injected into the Fortis Nautural gas grid and then used to run the waste collection fleet for the City of Surrey.  Closing the carbon loop on organic waste collection.




We can proudly say our first plant in North-America is up and running.