Tratolixo, Portugal

In 2018, we upgraded an existing composting and wetAD facility in Mafra, Portugal. Our continuous focus on optimization led to significantly higher waste throughput capacity. The wetAD facility, located approximately 300 meters away from the composting site, includes three CHP’s (biogas generators) capable of producing engine water at 80-90°C.The heat from this cooling water — which was not previously utilized — was modified to include heat exchangers in the inlet air for the tunnels. Once the software system was updated, the heated water accelerated material climatization in the composting plant, leading to potential increased throughput of 15%.


  1. Substantially less landfill costs
  2. Up to 50% more compost after screening
  3. Sustainable and circular solution with the use of CHP rest heat
  4. Significant positive impact on operational cost savings

Key Equipment

10 heat exchangers, insulated ductwork, electrical system including sensors,operational cost savings motors, pumps and control system.