Spare and wear parts

WTT can completely manage spare and wear parts delivery. As a customer you are assured of in time delivery of required original spare and wear parts that support a plant performing at its best, without spending a lot of time to procure necessary parts yourself. Due to bulk purchase WTT is able to get much more discount than our customers can get as an individual. Therefore we can offer our customer attractive prices.

Maintenance and audits

Certified service engineers conduct plant audits and carry out maintenance conform the checks as written in the Operation & Maintenance manual. Afterwards a report will be submitted to site’s management. The report includes observations and suggestions to maintain optimal performances of the plant.

If reparation works are required WTT can initiate follow-up actions immediately. WTT will also give advice on the biological and mechanical process, based on data retrieved out of the software and questions asked to operators and responsible people on site.


We understand our customers want their operators being trained properly. Not only when the installation is commissioned, but also in the period afterwards. Therefore WTT organises recurrent training sessions for its clients that include updated process, operating and maintenance instructions. The training is useful for new personnel that arrive on site, but also for existing personnel.

Remote support

WTT’s service department is attainable during business hours by phone and internet. Outside business hours WTT is attainable for emergency support by phone 24/7 at additional charge.