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Facility performance often declines over time. Inefficiency, unnecessary energy use, odor complaints and substandard compost quality are all examples of underperforming facilities. In addition, new insights and innovations can increase the efficiency of the installation. We are servicing organic waste treatment facilities worldwide and focus on continuous improvement and optimization. Together with our clients we aim to maximize output and minimize operational expenditures. In addition, we train and educate staff, so our clients can be the best operators and keep their bioprocesses running.

is our promise.

Maximizing output and minimizing expenditures.

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“For us it is very important to control our operational expenses. In cooperation with WTT we can maximize the running efficiency of the facility and we can produce and manage the waste much better, which gives us a financial gain”
Matthew Piotrowski, Operations Manager, Veolia Southwark

Our Solutions

To manage a waste treatment facility, you need to be able to adapt to changing conditions. Waste composition, gate fees, personnel, equipment wear and regulations can all dramatically change a site’s business model.

We are proud to provide high-level customer support at more than 50 facilities worldwide. Our goal is to keep your facility performing optimally and to prevent emergencies or downtime. We think ahead. In addition, we can provide upgrades that future-proof your facility by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maximize nutrient re-use.


I have an emergency, my facility has broken parts

  • Helpdesk & Emergency support
  • Plant audits & inspections
  • Spare Parts

My process is not running optimally

  • Remote Monitoring Reports
  • Process optimization
  • Training

Other facilities are performing better

  • Upgrades

Helpdesk & Emergency Support

Keep downtime from reducing your facilities’ operational efficiency! When problems arise, our team of PLC and SCADA specialists are available to provide you with the right support to make sure your facility is up and running as soon as possible. We can even complete and/or supervise on-site work. Real-time expertise, just a phone call away.

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Plant Audits & Inspections

Get ahead of any equipment issues, prevent downtime and increase your efficiency. Make sure your operation is safe, profitable and long-lasting. Our specialized team will perform an in-depth review of your equipment to determine; general condition, required maintenance, potential optimizations and its current state of safety.

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Remote Monitoring Reports

Know as early as possible how your processes can improve! From our Control Room, our team of experienced Process Technologists monitor your plant’s performances. These specialists analyze your process data and spot trends to help you optimize your operations.

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Process Optimization

Better product quality opens up new sales channels! An efficient biological process is essential when trying to maximize your compost quality or biogas production. We can help you by adding new process recipes or change existing parameters. These improvements are performed under the direct control and supervision of our specialists.

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Minimize operating issues with better trained staff! Gain confidence and become the best operator. We visit facilities worldwide and train new and existing operators to improve their level of know-how. Most training sessions consist of a theoretical and practical section and end with an exam. Operators receive a certificate for the successful completion of the training.

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Spare Parts

Stay ahead of downtime due to broken parts! We have the technical expertise to put together emergency packages for spare parts. We’ve built great relationships with our suppliers so that we are able to offer quick access to packages and individual parts at attractive prices for biological and mechanical treatment facilities. With the help of our integrated procurement system, we can manage our clients’ spare parts logistics and requests on time.

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Spend up to 90% less on leachate disposal


Processing organics can be 10% cheaper and energy consumption can be lowered up to 70%. These are just two examples, but research shows that 90% of the facilities are underperforming. We are on a mission to optimize your plants performance. We have a unique Organic Waste Knowledge Centre, built on years of experience and we are constantly working on innovative solutions and upgrades. Reducing costs, improving quality, maximize the re-use of nutrients and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are essential part of our innovations.

Re-use of thermal energy

Composting generates massive amounts of thermal energy. Innovative technology from WTT can catch this process heat and use it somewhere else as an alternative energy source.  Useful applications for this thermal energy are:

  • Heat process buildings to increase the temperature in wintertime. This also lowers the relative humidity inside the building and thereby improves building conditions.
  • Pre-heat the process fresh air to improve evaporation rates and reduce cycle times.  Throughput can be increased considerably for facilities in colder regions.
  • Use the heat to dry other types of products like RDF, biomass, peat, etc.
  • Sell the heat to neighboring operations that have a high heat demand, like greenhouses.

The perfect air flow for a composting tunnel

AA lot of facilities run with sub-optimized air flows, which costs a lot of energy. Our process engineers are constantly looking to improve this in both new facilities and existing facilities. If an interesting business case can be developed, we perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to optimize the specific area in the best way possible. The result of the simulation allows us to redesign and replace the suboptimal inefficient parts. Optimizing the air flows can result in more than 5% energy savings.

The next stage in odour abatement

Odour abatement systems are at the core of each organic waste treatment facility. The buildings are ventilated to remove contaminated air from the work environment. In addition, process air is treated with a wet-scrubbing process to remove ammonia. A by-product from this scrubbing process is ammonium sulfate, an interesting fertilizer that can be marketed to local farmers. WTT developed a two-stage acid scrubber that greatly improves the ammonium sulfate quality. In addition, this system prevents contamination from causing blockage in the wet scrubber. This greatly reduces pressure losses and decreases energy consumption. In addition, maintenance costs can go down with 50% and downtime is reduced.

If you want to learn more about these examples or any of the other upgrades we can perform for your facility please contact us.

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In 2018, we upgraded an existing composting and wetAD facility in Mafra, Portugal. Our continuous focus on optimization led to significantly higher waste throughput capacity. The wetAD facility, located approximately 300 meters away from the composting site, includes three CHP’s (biogas generators) capable of producing engine water at 80-90°C.The heat from this cooling water — which was not previously utilized — was modified to include heat exchangers in the inlet air for the tunnels. Once the software system was updated, the heated water accelerated material climatization in the composting plant, leading to potential increased throughput of 15%.


The amount of costly structure material can be reduced as less activity is required to heat-up the material, including:

  • Substantially less landfill costs.
  • Up to 50% more compost after screening.
  • Sustainable and circular solution with the use of CHP rest heat.
  • Significant positive impact on operational cost savings.

10 heat exchangers, insulated ductwork, electrical system including sensors, motors, pumps and control system.

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