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Take-over Pohlsche Heide | Germany

By April 18, 2019 WTT News
take-over pohlsche Heide

WTT is proud to announce another new recycling plant for household and commercial waste in NRW, Germany. Our compan has recently achieved successful take-over for the Pohlsche Heide project in Germany by KAVG as of friday 12th of April 2019.

Our current contract was to deliver a modification of a complete new processing plant with a total capacity of 65.000 tonnes per year.

We want to thank our client KAVG, for the collaborative environment and trust in WTT to build this installation together, for their clients and the future.

Want to see more of the references of WTT see https://wtt.nl/references/key-references/. For more information about KAVG you can visit their website https://www.kavg-ml.de/

Please take a moment to watch something we are truly proud of…