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Erembodegem, Belgium | Take-over

By February 7, 2019 WTT News
skids erembodegem

In January 2019, the joint venture consisting of WTT, Cordeel and WIPS (a cooperation of Suez and Indaver), agreed on the take-over of the Erembodegem composting facility in Aalst, Belgium.

The facility has an annual throughput of +/-28,000 tons of green and food waste. WTT is proud to have been responsible for the design, supply and installation of the mechanical pre/post-treatment, primary and maturation composting process technology as well as all air management and odour control.


WTT believes that our influence in all aspects of the facility processes, has led to the production of top quality compost (Rottegrad 4 and 5). Paired together with an optimized OPEX and an low odour emissions, makes this project one to be proud of!

Thank you WIPS for the cooperation and trust in WTT-Cordeel!

For more information about our technologies, please click on the link https://wtt.nl/biological/. 

Also read about what our colleagues wrote about the installation https://suezbelgium.be/nl/nieuws/vandaag-is-de-nieuwe-composteringsinstallatie-in-erembodegem-bij-aalst-officieel-geopend