Trade Mission California

By November 11, 2019 Canada, WTT News
Trade mission California

This week November 11th till 15th , our colleagues Marieke Kromkamp from WTT Netherlands and Ryan Lauzon from WTT North America are participating to the Netherlands Trade Mission in California. This trade mission is organized by the Dutch Government.

The trade mission will focus on Circular Economy, Sustainable Mobility and Resilience.

During this trade mission a group of 34 Dutch companies will travel to California. The Circular Economy group exist 14 Dutch companies. The program will include inspiring speakers, networking dinners, field visits to the California leaders in the circular economy, conferences and many opportunities to present WTT’s business and connect with Californian counterparts . The group of 14 companies are all front-runners in business & public sector – specializing in pioneering solutions to the major challenges of our time.

WTT delivers the smartest technology in order to make our customers successful, transforming waste into recyclables and high-quality raw materials or energy. We believe our services and installations make a substantial contribution to the conservation of our worldwide environment as the effects waste has on our planet are increasingly more evident. As the complexity of waste streams evolve, the management of waste needs to adapt. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has never been more important.

We are looking forward to strengthening our commercial relations with the Californian counterparts as well as exchanging essential knowledge and knowhow.