Upgrade Kompostwerk Olpe in operation

By November 24, 2017 WTT News

WTT has recently upgraded the existing Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility in Olpe, Germany. The initial construction was completed in 2014 and the MBT has been operating since the beginning of 2015.

WTT and the client’s continuous focus on optimization has led to an investment in a new state-of-the-art Near-Infrared(NIR) Optical Sorting System. This innovation has enabled the removal of black plastics from the waste stream and will further enhance the value of each residual fraction. This has created cleaner granules unique to the recycled waste  market.

From a financial perspective the projects success will lead to a short return on investment. It effectively allows reuse of structure material in the biological process thus significantly improves the client’s business model.


The NIR system is also able to sort metal using a specialized bar. This begins when material is equally spread to the complete width of the belt.   A unique disc spreader allows the NIR to blow-out single layer waste material. The unit has two rotating discs that spread the material coming from the conveyor to the required width for the NIR system. When the NIR system requires maintenance, WTT has designed a bypass to ensure operational up-time.

By installing this machine and related conveyors, the client can properly differentiate following waste streams.


Overflow 70 – 300mm from tunnels (composting tunnels / biological waste / kitchen and garden)

Mid fraction 10/15 – 70mmWood chips and shredded burl wood.


WTT is proud to be a committed partner of Kompostwerk Olpe and that they gave us the opportunity to evolve separation.

WTT understands that facility performance is paramount and that operational expenditures must make the business more competitive.

We combine our experience and knowledge to treat the most difficult types of waste, helping our customers to meet their requirements.


If you think this technology could work for your business, WTT can tailor make a solution for you.

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