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WTT is proud to serve clients around the world, however global logistics challenge our core value of reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Due to the consistent growth of international clients we have chosen to move away from a single point of engineering and production.

“We opened our Chinese brand office (2018) with experienced
staff being local on the ground and a chain of contractors in place
 provide cost effective solutions in China. “

The effects waste has on our planet are growing. As the complexity of waste streams are continually increasing, the management of those waste streams needs to adapt equally, to make sure it’s impact on the planet is minimized. In line with that, specifically for China, the waste problem is growing rapidly. According to current growth patterns, China is the biggest MSW generator since 2014 with a yearly increase of 300.000 t/y. This yearly increase is expected to grow, up to 480.000 t/y by 2030. China needs to develop an additional 1.400 landfills over the next 20 years.

Understanding a solution based approach

When it comes to waste, organic waste even more specifically, the right solution is often a combination of best practices and cutting edge technology. Facility footprint, location, waste types, products created and client priorities all play a part in creating a succesful project that converts waste into something greater. WTT is proud to design, engineer and build the Jieyang Green Fuel Waste Comprehensive Treatment and Resource Utalization Plant for Alba Rising Green Fuel to the location of the Sino-German Metal ECO city.

Best known technologies in waste treatment

For this Green Fuel Project, ALBA prepared a concept that combines the three best known technologies in the waste treatment and utilization field: Biological Drying in combination with Mechanical Treatment of incoming waste streams allows creating an optimized combustile fraction to be utilized in a adapted Incineration and Power generation plant.


WTT is required to do the complete design and build of the first mechanical size reduction, and biological drying together with the mechanical treatment of 380.000 t/y Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The Municipal Solid Waste in the biggest MBT project in China with a capacity of 1.000 tons a day, WTT is building in Jieyang, suits the characteristics of Chinese MSW. Applicable to unsorted and complex waste with a high water content.

WTT has over 20 years of experience in treating MSW, as it became nationwide mandatory in the Netherlands back in 1994. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, WTT is your partner in cost effective tailor-made solutions.

Track record

As of today, WTT has delivered over 120 comprehensive waste treatment facilities all over the world. These facilities include, but are not limited to; Pre-treatment / decontamination, Composting, Dry Anaerobic Digestion, Bio-drying, RDF Production, Post-treatment / Refining, facility air and water management. We’ve built over 1200 In-Vessel Composting tunnels with an estimated combined processing capacity of over 7.280.000 tons per annum.

Proven technology

WTT Netherlands was founded in 1996. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in waste management worldwide. WTT is the partner to implement state of the art and cost-effective solutions that have been developed and carefully improved over the last 20 years.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel witness the signing of Jieyang Project.

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