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WTT is proud to serve clients around the world, however global logistics challange our core value of reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Due to the consistent growth of International clients we have chosen to move away from a single point of engineering and production.

“WTT opened the Canadian office. We believe in working together
with experienced staff local staff. WTT works together with local
contractors, providing our customers with cost effective solutions
throughout Canada.”


The effects waste has on our planet is increasingly more evident. As the complexity of waste streams evolve, the management of waste needs to adapt. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has never been more important. WTT has succesfully completed our first facility in Canada. We are currently involved in multiple other opportunities to design and build together with local partners. We are excited to be part of the future- turning waste into resources.

Understanding a solution based approach

When it comes to waste, organic waste more specifically, the right solution is often a combination of best practices and cutting edge technology. Facility footprint, location, waste types, products created and client priorities all play a part in creating a successful project that converts waste into something greater. WTT understands how to work together with its clients from start to finish. Permitting, Designing, Constructing, Commissioning and Servicing all of its facilities.


Together with the Surrey Biofuel partners WTT has completed North America’s first PPP (Public, Private Partnership) waste processing facility also accomplishing Envision Platinum award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.

Odour abatement is the business

WTT has designed and built some of the most sophisticated odour abatement systems. Integrating biological and chemical systems to manage and maintain consistent perfomance. As North America focuses on reducing its carbon footprint, locating facilities closer to where the waste is generated is paramount. In order to process large amounts of organic waste it’s absolutely necessary to have design ownership from inception to completion, tying all processes and the building together. WTT’s in-house expertise creates tailor-made solutions for the most stringent standards.

Core competencies

WTT solutions based approach has allowed us to develop and advance our processing techniques with the constantly evolving wastes we encounter. WTT specializes in:

  • In-Vessel Composting
  • Dry Anaerobic Digestion – Combining Wet-AD Fermentation
  • Mechanical pre-treatment
  • Mechanical post-treatment / Screening
  • Mechanical and Biological Integrated facilities


Our in-house engineered Dry-Anaerobic Batch Digestion (dry AD) enables biogas extraction as a step towards final composting. Enabling waste operators to extract the gas potential and upgrade it to electricity, heat and/or natural gas, without compromising compost quality.


Electricity and heat can be used to neutralize the facilities demand or sold to the commercial market. Biogas upgraded to Bio-methane can be injected into the grid or used as an alternative fuel in fleets with CNG vehicles.

Track Record

As of today, WTT has delivered over 130 comprehensive waste treatment facilities all over the world. These facilities include, but are not limited to; Pre-treatment / decontamination, Composting, Dry Anaerobic digestion, Bio-Drying, RDF production, Post-Treatment / Refining, facility air and water management.

Proven technology

WTT Netherlands was founded in 1996. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in waste management worldwide. WTT is the partner to implement state of the art and cost-effective solutions that have been developed and carefully improved over the past 20 years.

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Ryan Lauzon

Managing Director North America

Odour Abatement is the most important part of building and operating organic waste management facilities.

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